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Handy Scrub Brush (blue series) AXU/SCBH

Product Image for Handy Scrub Brush (blue series)
SizePrice (£)
- 5.99

Pro Synthetic Blend Duster (blue series) AXU/DBB1

Product Image for Pro Synthetic Blend Duster (blue series)
SizePrice (£)
4" / 100mm 15.00

Purdy Dusting Brush PUR/DB4

Product Image for Purdy Dusting Brush
SizePrice (£)
4" 18.99

Reach Scrub Brush (blue series) AXU/SCBR

Product Image for Reach Scrub Brush (blue series)
SizePrice (£)
- 6.99

S-Duster (grey series) AXU/DBP

Product Image for S-Duster (grey series)
SizePrice (£)
4" / 100mm 16.99

Spin'N'Clean AXU/SNC

Product Image for Spin'N'Clean
SizePrice (£)
To suit 44mm core rollers 21.99

Stego 6-in-1 (onyx series) AXU/BRCO1

Product Image for Stego 6-in-1 (onyx series)
SizePrice (£)
- 15.00

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