Decorating Tools - Wallpaper Hanging

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Bubble Out Wallpaper Syringe AXU/SY30

Product Image for Bubble Out Wallpaper Syringe
SizePrice (£)
- 6.99

Hardwood Seam Roller (grey series) AXU/HSR

Product Image for Hardwood Seam Roller (grey series)
SizePrice (£)
- 7.99

Paper Pal (2-in-1) AXU/WPP1

Product Image for Paper Pal (2-in-1)
SizePrice (£)
- 5.49

Perfect Tip HD Scissors (onyx series) AXU/SCP12

Product Image for Perfect Tip HD Scissors (onyx series)
SizePrice (£)
205mm 16.99
152mm (6") 17.99
305mm 21.99

Precision Edge (grey series) AXU/SE50

Product Image for Precision Edge (grey series)
SizePrice (£)
500mm 21.99

S-Finish Wallpaper Brush (grey series) AXU/BGPH9

Product Image for S-Finish Wallpaper Brush (grey series)
SizePrice (£)
- 22.99

Wallpaper Press (3 in 1) AXU/WPPO3

Product Image for Wallpaper Press (3 in 1)
SizePrice (£)
- 15.99

Wallpaper Smoother (blue series) AXU/WS

Product Image for Wallpaper Smoother (blue series)
SizePrice (£)
- 5.49

Wide Wallpapering Tool (blue series) AXU/WB350

Product Image for Wide Wallpapering Tool (blue series)
SizePrice (£)
350mm 14.99
450mm 17.99
600mm 22.99

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