Sikkens TSI+

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2.5L 73.99

Cetol TSI Satin Plus is a medium build solvent-borne interior woodstain, for decoration and protection on smooth planed softwood and hardwood. A single product system, providing a hardwearing finish resistant to knocks, spills and abrasion. Cetol TSI Satin plus has a strong surface film, and is resistant to water and mild household detergents. Cetol TSI Satin plus can be used on floors subject to light domestic wear. For use on window frames, handrails, skirtings, wood panelling, doors, furniture etc. in coloured and colourless finishes.

Key Benefits:
  • Resistant to knocks,spills and abrasion
  • Resistant to water and mild household detergents
  • Can be used on floors subject to light wear
  • Easy to apply

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