Self-Healing Rotating Cutting Mat

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12" Square 34.39

The OLFA® RM-12S is a specially designed cutting surface that eliminates the need to move yourself around the project, move the table, or move the project itself.  

The mat has a fixed bottom layer, fitted to a rotating top layer that you can spin to you heart's content. So leave your project intact in place, and turn the mat as you go - your cutting angle will always be comfortable and convenient (especially when you're cutting awkward shapes) !

All OLFA cutting mats protects surfaces when cutting, help you achieve precise cuts, and in fact extends the life of the blades you are cutting with.  Most importantly, after you've cut the surface of the mat, it actually heals itself so you can continue to cut on the same part smoothly, making it last ages and ages.

You can use both sides; one side has a metric grid and the other side displays inches.  The mat's grid lines help you measure and cut straight lines accurately.

Designed for use with all OLFA® cutters.  OLFA® cutting mats must be stored flat.

Size:  300mm x 300mm x 2.0mm (12" x 12")

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