Folding Cutting Mat

SizePrice (£)
A3 (45cm X 32cm) 45.99
A2 (62cm X 45cm) 66.99
  • Self-healing finish reseals automatically after being cut
  • Heavy-duty, 2.5mm thick cutting surface
  • Use with rotary cutters, art knives, and other utility knives
  • Extends the life of all blades
  • Protects surfaces
  • Easy-to-read grid and measurements for straight lines and precise cutting
  • Eco-friendly, DEHP-free
  • Curved joint: Designed to piece together closely and prevent blades getting caught in the gap
  • Top layer: Flexible olefin resin
  • Bottom layer: Durable, hard olefin resin
  • On-the-go: Easier to transport and store

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