Multi-Purpose Razor Scraper & Knife

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- 10.99

The OLFA® BTC-1 features a 43mm wide, razor sharp blade that is slightly flexible so it can really get under paint, varnish, labels, adhesive and other sticky residues for clean removal from glass and other surfaces.

The cheap, plastic handles of some other window scrapers cut into your hand as you use them with any real pressure, and don't allow for a good grip, resulting in aching hands and inefficient scraping.

The handle of the BTC-1, however, is ergonomically designed to fit very comfortably in the hand, and has ridges all the way along for improved grip, so you can use it for prolonged periods quite happily.   It's also really easy to clean.

The BTB blade has two scraping ends, and each side is bevelled such that it has two scraping edges.  Once one end has been worn you can unscrew the blade and turn it around to use the other end.  The total of four edges last very long before the blade needs to be replaced.

Preloaded with one 4-Edged Blade.

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