Cleaning & Thinning (Sponges, Cloths & Wipes)

Sponges, Cloths & Wipes

At designer colours we stock an extensive range of professional cleaning products, so that you can mop up spills, wipe down surfaces, and then clean your hands and tools, ready for the next job.


Bartoline Sugar Soap Wipes BAR/SSW

SizePrice (£)
- 9.99

EverBuild Glass Wipes Roll EVE/GWS

Product Image for EverBuild Glass Wipes Roll
SizePrice (£)
150m 7.99
280m 16.99

HD Sponge AXU/DSP3

Product Image for HD Sponge
SizePrice (£)
- 4.99

Pro-Finish Tack Cloth (blue series) AXU/TC12

Product Image for Pro-Finish Tack Cloth (blue series)
SizePrice (£)
Single 2.49
80cm x 50cm, Pack of 12 16.99

Pro-Scrubs (blue series) AXU/CWB80

Product Image for Pro-Scrubs  (blue series)
SizePrice (£)
Tub of 80 10.99

Smooth Wipes (red series) AXU/CWR80

Product Image for Smooth Wipes (red series)
SizePrice (£)
Tub of 80 9.99

Trapp Dirt Collecting Sponge AXU/DSP2

Product Image for Trapp Dirt Collecting Sponge
SizePrice (£)
- 4.99

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