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Zinsser Paper Tiger ZIN/PT1

Product Image for Zinsser Paper Tiger

Paper Tiger scoring tool has unique patented scoring wheel(s) that perforate wallpaper allowing Wallpaper stripper to penetrate. Perfect for large wallpaper removal projects. Triple or single heads work rapidly cutting through several layers of wallpaper without damaging walls.

Paper Tiger makes light work of wallpaper removal. Simply run it over the surface of the wallpaper to score it with ease, prior to applying Wallpaper stripper.

The tripple head, has the advantage of 3 cutting modules, it’s our fastest, most effective Paper Tiger to date and it allows you to score an entire room in a matter of minutes – without damaging the walls.

Paper Tiger will not rust, corrode, or wear out. The hardened steel teeth remain sharp for many rooms of wallpaper removal.

  • Scores an entire room in minutes
  • Perforates wallcovering to allow wallpaper removal to penetrate
  • Will not damage walls
  • Eliminates the need for steamers
  • Preferred by professionals
  • Follows the contours of a wall
SizePrice (£)
Single Head 12.99
Triple Head 16.99