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Polyvine Anti Bacterial Varnish PV/ABV500DF

Product Image for Polyvine Anti Bacterial Varnish

Unique antibacteria, antifungal varnish for use in environments where hygiene and durability are key A high performance, tough acrylic resin based anti-bacterial and anti-fungal varnish for use in environments where hygiene and durability are key.

Silver has been used for centuries for its natural sterilising properties. The innovative SteriTouch® carrier mechanisms allow this antimicrobial effect to be harnessed and delivered in an efficient and controlled manner. SteriTouch® is there to stay. It won’t lose efficiency due to leaching or migration and is unaffected by scratches and abrasion.

Ideal For

  • paintwork
  • wallpaper
  • plaster
  • fabric
  • interior wood
  • most other interior surfaces

Unique Qualities

  • superior microbial and chemical resistance
  • non-leaching anti-microbial agents
  • protects against water, stains and mild abrasion
  • withstands cleaning
  • lifelong anti-microbial properties
  • brush applied
  • easy to repair
  • long-lasting
SizePrice (£)
Dead Flat 500ml 12.99
Dead Flat 1L 21.99
Dead Flat 4L 76.99