Designer's Art and Model Making Knife

Designer's Art and Model Making Knife OLF/AK5


The OLFA® AK-5 Designer's Knife features a non-slip design for maximum precision and safety. Its rounded barrel, steel blade jaws, and brass securing ferrule make the knives' safety higher than other craft knives that tend to wear quickly and allow the blade to loosen or fall out under pressure. 

The ferrules ridges give more grip and reduce the risk of the tool slipping whilst in use. Like the SAC-1, the blade is very sharp, and its unique angle makes it suitable for the same tasks but with a more traditional craft knife feel.

The AK-5 comes with a simple blade change mechanism, 30 blades and a multifunctional blade case (spare blade holder, used blade storage and desktop knife stand). It also comes with a needlepoint that's great for weeding die-cut vinyl and self-adhesive card embellishments used in card making and can be used to pierce materials used in crafting. Its tapered end is perfect for smoothing, scoring, and embossing and can be used to mix paints, inks and mould clay.


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