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HG Silver Plating Polish HG/SPP50

Product Image for HG Silver Plating Polish

All silver plated articles, from candelabras to jewellery, where the silver layer is damaged or worn thin, can now be quickly and simply replated either partially or completely, using HG silver plating polish, which actually contains real silver. HG silver plating polish can also be used as a polish for worn silver plated articles.Damage marks such as scratches or engraving errors in solid silver articles can be repaired using this unique product. HG silver plating polish can also be used to silver plate articles made from copper, bronze, brass and nickel. Apply a small amount of the product to the cloth supplied. Rub firmly over the surface to be plated for 15 to 20 seconds. Repeat this treatment as necessary until full coverage is gained. HG silver plating polish is also ideal for polishing solid silver or silver plated articles which lack shine after polishing. A few seconds polish with HG silver plating polish is all that’s needed to restore their shine. After treatment with HG silver plating polish, rub the article gently, preferably with the HG silver shine cloth or using a soft and clean, dry cloth

SizePrice (£)
50ml 15.99