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HG 34 Natural Stone Protective Coating Matt Finish HG/NSPCM1

Product Image for HG 34 Natural Stone Protective Coating Matt Finish

HG natural stone protective coating matt finish (HG product 34) is an easily applicable liquid polymer emulsion which forms a matt, super-thin yet extremely strong and protective film when dry. This protects the top layer of the natural stone against wear and damage by acids such as soft drinks and wine. This protective film also has an anti-slip effect.

Turn the bottle upside down a number of times, pour the liquid undiluted over the floor and then apply evenly in one direction using a waxer or roller. After about 60 minutes, a second layer can be applied in the same direction onto the first layer, if required One litre is enough for 60 to 80 m² of floor area.

SizePrice (£)
1L 20.99