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HG Natural Stone Colour Intensifier HG/NSCI250

Product Image for HG Natural Stone Colour Intensifier

Dark stone types such as the darker granite varieties, Belgian bluestone etc. are subject to wear and tear after a while, which can be seen as matt, dull, grey coloured walkways or patches. HG colour intensifier for granite, blue stone and other natural stone types (HG product 48) is a professional product which re-enhances the colour of your freestone and brings it back to life. This unique composition also impregnates, nourishes and protects stone against dirt and staining by water or other liquids. It will not make the surface slippery nor harm the natural breathing process of the stone. Clean the surface, preferably using HG tile extreme power cleaner (super remover) (HG product 20). Any cement and/or mortar residue should be removed using HG tile cement grout film remover (extra) (HG product 11) or HG tile cement, mortar & efflorescence remover (limex) (HG product 12). For marble, Belgian bluestone and other calciferous stone varieties, use HG natural stone cement & lime film remover (HG product 31). Leave the surface to dry for 3 days and then apply HG colour intensifier sparingly using a clean non-fluffy cloth. For larger surfaces, apply HG colour intensifier evenly using a mohair roller and then rub it in using a clean, non-fluffy cloth.After 5 to 10 minutes maximum, the colour enhancer will be absorbed into the stone. Remove any surplus very carefully using a dry cloth (and possibly turpentine). On very porous surfaces, repeat the treatment until the surface no longer absorbs the product. When a glossy surface is required, 1it can be polished after 30-40 minutes. The stone is walkable again after 4 hours and can bear loads after 3 days.

SizePrice (£)
50ml 11.49
250ml 22.99