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HG Liquid Antique Wax HG/LAW300B

Product Image for HG Liquid Antique Wax

HG liquid antique wax is a high-quality wax made from bees wax and Carnauba wax. It naturally nourishes furniture preventing it from drying out. HG liquid antique wax gives a lovely rich gloss and repels dirt by means of a strong protective coating . Shake the bottle well before use. Rub lightly into the wood with a soft cloth or a brush. Wait 15 minutes for the wax to absorb and then buff to a deep shine with a brush or cloth until a deep gloss arises. HG liquid antique wax is available in two colours: brown for dark types of wood and yellow for lighter coloured types and for antique wood that needs to be prevented from darkening further

SizePrice (£)
300ml 7.59