Dulux Trade Diamond Satinwood

Dulux Trade Diamond Satinwood DUL/DS2.5BW


Dulux Trade Diamond Satinwood is a tough & durable satin finish that provides excellent protection from scratches, stains and grease.

The water-based formulation is designed to be used in high traffic areas, such as corridors, stairways and access areas, while having the added benefit of being quick drying with low odour. With professional aesthetics finish and non-yellowing water-based technology, it has never been so easy to switch to water based paints.

Key Benefits:

Tough, durable and non-yellowing

Suitable for high traffic areas

Stain and Grease Resistant, Water-based

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

SizePrice (£)
1L Brilliant White 27.99
2.5L Brilliant White 52.99
5L Brilliant White 85.99

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