Wood Finishing Mini Roller (lime series)

Wood Finishing Mini Roller (lime series) AXU/RL43


These lime mini roller sleeves are perfect for doors, cabinets and other woodwork, they can achieve an ultra-fine finsih with both water-based and oil-based coatings.

  • Many professional decorators would consider them a close runner-up to a spray finish
  • They will fit onto Axus Decor Immaculate Mini or Awkward Reach frames or similar
  • HD foam, topped with velvet flock
  • Achieves a super-fine finish with both water and oil-based coatings
  • Ideal for painting doors and other woodwork
  • Professional mini rollers
SizePrice (£)
4" / 100mm, Pack of 3 4.99
4" / 100mm, Pack of 10 14.99

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