Flex-E-Fill MX

Flex-E-Fill MX AXF/FEMX1


Fill any size hole/crack/dent and smooth in the same coat. Prime and paint soon after.

  • Prevents reoccurrence of hairline cracks
  • Very fast drying
  • Does not shrink

ADHERES TO: Wood, plaster, plasterboard, masonry, concrete, cement render, roughcast & more

APPLY WITH: Filling knife.

RECOAT IN: 2 hours as a general guideline when overcoated with water-based paints or 24 hours
for oil-based paint (varies according to thickness and ambient conditions).

Tip: Work the filler between two filling knives to increase elasticity and ease of application.

H&S Sheet

SizePrice (£)
1L White 7.99
5L White 28.99

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