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Specialist Coatings

Ardenbrite Quick-Drying Base Coat ARD/B500

Product Image for Ardenbrite Quick-Drying Base Coat
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SizePrice (£)
Cream 500ml 10.49
Cream 1L 19.99
Cream 2.5L 39.99

Ardenbrite Protective Glaze ARD/PG1

Product Image for Ardenbrite Protective Glaze
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SizePrice (£)
Colourless 125ml 6.99
Colourless 250ml 11.99
Colourless 500ml 22.99
Colourless 1L 39.99
Colourless 2.5L 84.99

Blackfriar Solar Reflective BLA/SRP5W

Product Image for Blackfriar Solar Reflective
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SizePrice (£)
White 5l 51.99


Polycell Damp Seal POL/DS1

Product Image for Polycell Damp Seal
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SizePrice (£)
500ml 11.49
White 1L 19.99
2.5L 33.99

Polycell Damp Seal Spray POL/DSS

Product Image for Polycell Damp Seal Spray
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SizePrice (£)
- 9.99


Polyvine Anti Bacterial Varnish PV/ABV500DF

Product Image for Polyvine Anti Bacterial Varnish
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SizePrice (£)
Dead Flat 500ml 12.99
Dead Flat 1L 21.99
Dead Flat 4L 76.99

Polyvine Anti Bacterial Varnish PV/ABV500S

Product Image for Polyvine Anti Bacterial Varnish
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SizePrice (£)
Satin 500ml 12.99
Satin 1L 21.99
Satin 4L 76.99

Polyvine Decorators Varnish PV/DV1DF

Product Image for Polyvine Decorators Varnish
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SizePrice (£)
500ml 11.99
1L 18.99
Dead Flat 1L 19.99
Satin 2L 33.99
Dead Flat 2L 34.99
4L 61.99
Dead Flat 4L 65.99

Polyvine Lacquer PV/L1G

Product Image for Polyvine Lacquer
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SizePrice (£)
Clear Gloss 500ml 13.99
Clear Gloss 1L 21.99
Clear Gloss 4L 60.99

Polyvine Stone & Brick Protector PV/SBP1

Product Image for Polyvine Stone & Brick Protector
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SizePrice (£)
Dead Flat 1L 19.00
Dead Flat 4L 66.37

Rustins Blackboard Black RUS/BB125

Product Image for Rustins Blackboard Black
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SizePrice (£)
125ml 4.49
Matt Black 250ml 6.49
Matt Black 500ml 10.49
Matt Black 1L 18.99
Matt Black 2.5L 39.99

Rustins High Heat Resistant Paint RUS/HHP250B

Product Image for Rustins High Heat Resistant Paint
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SizePrice (£)
Black 250ml 10.49
Black 500ml 17.99

Rustins MDF Sealer RUS/MDFS1

Product Image for Rustins MDF Sealer
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SizePrice (£)
Clear 250ml 4.99
Clear 500ml 8.99
Clear 1L 14.99
Clear 2.5L 29.99

Rustins Stain Block RUS/STB1

Product Image for Rustins Stain Block
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SizePrice (£)
250ml 6.99
500ml 9.99
1L 16.99